Message from our poised President of Ajwani Group:
If I have made "One Manufacturer more Productive, One Company more Comfortable, One Exporter more Exceptional, One Importer more Influential, One Retailer more Rational, One Soul; Special, Superior & Happier, doing business with my Group", My day is not being Wasted, it is Invested!
 Master of marketing ~ Mentor & Motivational Speaker ~ Jack Of All Trade
Over 46 years of Experience with Multiple Certification & Field Training.  
Launched Matured Malt Whisky in 1974
Charismatic, Adorable & Humble Mr. Ajwani; has a very strong marketing background in USA, Europe & South Asia. As a Crown Prince he was trained in management with Spencer & Company Ltd;  in various fields of Wholesale Distribution & Marketing, Pharmaceuticals & Alternative Medicine, Food & Beverage, Wine & Whisky, Bonded Warehouse. 
Mr. Ajwani entered in Insurance & Estate Planning, Real Estate, Travel & Tax, Health & Beauty Aids, Retail management & Training. He has been a recognized and respected player in the community of food and beverage, computers stores and information technology since 1976.


Year 2001 Mr. Ajwani explored Wine industry, harvest time of Chateaus in “Saint-Emilion & growing region of Bordeaux”

Ajwani = ?

¢Vin Ajwani ~ born and educated in New Delhi, Science Student till high school & a Disciplined Naval Cadet.
¢BA from Delhi University + Diploma in Sales & Marketing.
¢Graduate of  “The Equitable Academy", a 4 years Diploma-ESF & NY State approved Insurance license Trainer in 70’s. Real estate licensed & Trainer in 80’s. Computers Hardware Trainer in 90’s.
¢Always worked in 2 or more industries. Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals & Oxford Chemicals-Consolidated Foods.
¢After 9/11 “Food & Beverage, Alternative Medicine, RE training & HBA” became the passion of his life.
¢His slogan “Smile is a Free Gift” shall be Infectious and Contagious.

¢A humanitarian, mentor, motivator, philanthropist, public speaker, author, advocate of alternative medicine (aryuvedic /herbal medicine), master spiritual healer and a spiritual guide to thousands in retail, wholesale & distribution fields. Master trainer in sales marketing & management, for over 45 years to  Food & Beverage, but not limited to Automobile industry, Pharmaceutical, Computers, Insurance & Real estate sectors with lectures and workshops on Positivity, Ethics, Self-development, Meditation & Mantras.